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Cloud Security Curriculum Development Workshop

Computer and network security is currently being taught in undergraduate and graduate classes, in a wide spectrum of offerings. Some institutions offer security as a separate course, while others treat it within other courses (e.g., distributed systems, networking). Through our Cloud Security Curriculum Workshops, our goal is to enable a wide array of faculty from varied institutions to create curricular materials in cloud security and to integrate these materials into their current course offerings.

Specifically, Project Silver offers curriculum development workshops to enable participants to develop and share course modules in cloud security to serve the faculty and students in these and other institutions. The workshop is taking place in each of years 2014-2018. We are integrating the lessons learned from early workshops into our repository of curriculum modules.

The outcomes of these workshops are curricular materials with integrated cloud security components from different perspectives, different institutions, and within diverse courses. Thus, any instructor (not only workshop participants) can choose from among these resources the materials that best enable her to integrate cloud security topics into her own classes.

Information on the 2018 Cloud Security Curriculum Workshop

Information on the 2017 Cloud Security Curriculum Workshop

Information on the 2016 Cloud Security Curriculum Workshop

Information on the 2015 Cloud Security Curriculum Workshop

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