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Below is a list of code repositories released by the team.

  • Pythia: A verifiable, cryptographic protocol that hardens passwords with the help of a remote service
  • NoCrack: Cracking-resistant password vaults using natural language encoders
  • pASSWORD tYPOS: How to correct them securely
  • Bohatei: Flexible and elastic DDoS defense
  • SOL: A framework for writing network optimization applications on top of SDN controllers
  • OpenNF: Enabling innovation in network function control
  • Tetris: Multi-resource packing for cluster schedulers
  • MPA: Analytics toolkit for minimizing network outages (e.g., due to bugs, misconfigurations, or failures)
  • ARC: Network analysis and verification of safety invariants for cloud data centers
  • SAFE: A trust logic engine with a certificate framework and a scripting engine to produce and consume logical certificates
  • CQSTR: A system with a cloud container abstraction at the level of VM clusters to enable verification of security properties of a cloud service